BI Metro Parks District Public Meeting – Proposed Park Names

The Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks District will hold a public meeting at 7:00 PM in the main conference room at Strawberry Hill Center on Thursday, June 14 to discuss proposed names for the planned project at Highway 305 and Winslow Way (former Unocal Site).

We encourage you to attend with naming suggestions. Please click here BI Metro Parks Naming Policy for a copy of the District’s official naming policy. Please keep these guidelines in mind when proposing a name. If you are unable to attend and would like to propose a name, please send it to Perry Barrett, Senior Planner at:
206/842-2306 x 119

Lets Name a Park!!

Please see the Park District Public Notice,  here:   meeting notice and unocal site -naming


Proposed Project Design

To view a PDF version of the Proposed Design for the Park Project, click here:

April 12 Public Input Session Video and Slideshow

Citizens’ Park Meeting

On April 12, a room full gathered to take in, discuss, and provide design feedback on the two garden park concepts presented by Johnpaul Jones. Click here to see slideshow. Click here to hear Johnpaul Jone’s introduction and here to view Part I and here for Part II of the citizen discussions.

Video and slideshow thanks to Debbi Lester

April 12 Public Input Session

The second Public Input Session for the proposed Park design was held at the BHS library on April 12.  Architect, Johnpaul Jones, presented two proposed park designs and those in attendance broke up into small groups to discuss the proposals and contribute comments and suggestions.  Johnpaul will take that input back to his office and, as much as is possible,  incorporate the changes into a proposed final design.

The Task Force will present the proposed final design to the Bainbridge Island City Council, the Board of Directors of Kitsap Transit and The Bainbridge Island Metro Parks Board for final approval in early May.

In the mean time, volunteers are working on the interlocal agreement between the owners and the Park District as well preparing the applications for the permits that will be needed for actual park construction.  Fundraising will soon begin in earnest.

Want to help?  Let us know how – we’d love to have you.

Let’s Name a Park!!

While ultimate naming authority rests with the property owners – the City of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap Transit –  and the operator –  the Bainbridge Island Metro Park District, we are collecting suggestions for a name for the park.

Please post your suggestions, here, and we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of the naming process.

Second Public Input Design Session April 12

There will be a second Public Input Session to review the preliminary designs developed by Johnpaul Jones and Colleen Thorpe of Jones & Jones at the Bainbridge High School Library on Thursday April 12 from 7 – 9 PM.

The Community is invited to attend and provide comments.

Task Force Letter to Kitsap Transit Board Members and Bainbridge Island City Council

On March 13, the Citizens Park Steering Committee sent a letter to the Bainbridge Island City Council and the Board of Kitsap Transit explaining its position regarding the environmental issues at the Unocal Site.  Included in that letter is a history of the reuse of soils at the site during the earlier clean-up.

You can view that letter and the Site Soil Reuse History here: 20120313104659873

Successful Public Input Session

Thanks to all who attended the Public Input Session last night.  You all shared some wonderful ideas and JohnPaul Jones and Colleen Thorpe, our architects, returned to their offices with great raw material.  As JohnPaul reported at the session, they will take your input  and the design parameters we have for the site and put together some proposals for the parcel.  We expect to have a second public session in mid April where the community can view some potential designs and make additional comments and suggestions before we propose a final design to the City, Kitsap Transit and the Metro Park District.

Thanks for attending and keep the comments and suggestions coming.

Some Local History – We Love to Hear This Kind Of Stuff!!

From: Gary Palmer

Given this parcel is near the Police Station on the corner, people may be interested in one small piece of local history next door.  The Police Station was originally designed and built in the 1940s as the Island’s first Fire Station.  My Dad was the Designer and Architect and oversaw the construction.  A copy of his design used to hang behind the desk of Fire Chief Glen Terrell.  There are boxes of fire department history there in a back room.  The design was framed and in his office.   Another copy was given to the Historical Society on the island.  I recall seeing a photo and announcement way back in the 1940s in the Bainbridge Island Review.  Over the years, people have commented on the building, sought to rip it down and replace it with modern materials.. fortunately the city converted it from a fire station to the police station decades ago.  People think it’s a wonderful representation of early island architecture.  Dad worked his way through WSU School of Architecture and Engineering cooking for the local fire department there where he got room and board in return during the depression years of the 1930s.  This building was one of his early favorites.  Just a small dot of history should it be of interest in the new park.  If you look at the building today it’s pretty easy to see how it’s exterior design has not changed.  Even the hose drying tower and fire siren housing still stand on top.