Some Local History – We Love to Hear This Kind Of Stuff!!

From: Gary Palmer

Given this parcel is near the Police Station on the corner, people may be interested in one small piece of local history next door.  The Police Station was originally designed and built in the 1940s as the Island’s first Fire Station.  My Dad was the Designer and Architect and oversaw the construction.  A copy of his design used to hang behind the desk of Fire Chief Glen Terrell.  There are boxes of fire department history there in a back room.  The design was framed and in his office.   Another copy was given to the Historical Society on the island.  I recall seeing a photo and announcement way back in the 1940s in the Bainbridge Island Review.  Over the years, people have commented on the building, sought to rip it down and replace it with modern materials.. fortunately the city converted it from a fire station to the police station decades ago.  People think it’s a wonderful representation of early island architecture.  Dad worked his way through WSU School of Architecture and Engineering cooking for the local fire department there where he got room and board in return during the depression years of the 1930s.  This building was one of his early favorites.  Just a small dot of history should it be of interest in the new park.  If you look at the building today it’s pretty easy to see how it’s exterior design has not changed.  Even the hose drying tower and fire siren housing still stand on top. 


2 thoughts on “Some Local History – We Love to Hear This Kind Of Stuff!!

  1. Kathleen Thorne says:

    Here’s an article from the June 9, 2008, Bainbridge Review that gives the history of the art murals that have graced the site’s increasingly dilapidated fence over the years:

    It would be great if the remaining murals could be rescued! One has already fallen off and cracked.

    Kathleen Thorne, former Unocal fence “curator”

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