Task Force Letter to Kitsap Transit Board Members and Bainbridge Island City Council

On March 13, the Citizens Park Steering Committee sent a letter to the Bainbridge Island City Council and the Board of Kitsap Transit explaining its position regarding the environmental issues at the Unocal Site.  Included in that letter is a history of the reuse of soils at the site during the earlier clean-up.

You can view that letter and the Site Soil Reuse History here: 20120313104659873


3 thoughts on “Task Force Letter to Kitsap Transit Board Members and Bainbridge Island City Council

  1. Larry Koss says:

    Ken, I actually don’t find the notion of “fencing off” the park welcoming either to visitors or residents. Sure doesn’t have an “open” feel to it, rather sends a “don’t touch” message. Too, from having observed the seepage into the creek flowing into the harbor, I certainly don’t find the notion of “let the sleeping dogs lie below the surface” rational.

    Alas, for the life of me, I am confused and dismayed by the resistance in this intelligent, socially conscious and “green” community of ours to conducting a determination and if necessary cleaning it first. And again, I invite anyone resisting the cleanup to ask their own kids or a good handful of others what they would prefer (since this is also “their” community). Their responses might embarrass us into doing the right thing here.

    • Ken Sethney says:

      Larry, the “sleeping dogs” suggestion may, in fact, be a good alternative if chemical or biological actions will neutralize the contaminants over time. However, it’s only a good idea if it is scientifically sound.

      My preference would be a lovely, welcoming, open park … but only if we can be assured that it will be safe for children and pets.

      As for your confusion, I share it.

  2. Ken Sethney says:

    I am neither a scientist or an engineer, so I read the comments of Keenan and Gander with great concern. I have read the letter by Aspect Consulting and the Citizens Park Task Force, and have no way of knowing if either perspective is “right” or “wrong,” so I tend to gravitate toward the middle.

    That said, I have a few questions. What if the “park” were merely a garden fronted by a nice fence? What if neither people nor their pets were welcomed there by trails, benches or information kiosks? What if it simply welcomed visitors to the island and residents coming home? Would it be rational then to let the “sleeping dogs” lie below the landfilled surface or would you feel it necessary to advocate for some sort of cleanup?

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