Let’s Name a Park!!

While ultimate naming authority rests with the property owners – the City of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap Transit –  and the operator –  the Bainbridge Island Metro Park District, we are collecting suggestions for a name for the park.

Please post your suggestions, here, and we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of the naming process.


18 thoughts on “Let’s Name a Park!!

  1. Fred and Willie Grimm says:

    We suggest Bainbridge Landing. A book by a Bainbridge author was publisned a number of years ago titled “Bainbridge Landings” listing the many ships that touched here. Seems very welcoming name to new comers.Refers to the whole Island as well.Fred and willie Grimm

  2. Wini Jones says:

    There is a name that has been used to describe this project and space for many years. It is a name everyone understands as soon as they hear it. Gateway Park. My suggestion is to formalize this park with the name Gateway Park.

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    Junkoe is a hero of mine. Still naming this little pArk after a person doesn’t seem just right- and raises the question of other island heros.
    I like the reasoning behind “Waypoint” park, it being a “location” and perhaps implying a place to meet, rest and a place to get information.

    • Barry Peters says:

      I appreciate the way the Park task group is opening up the park naming process to the community. I like the catchy sound and alliteration of “Gateway Green” and the way it mirrors “Winslow Green” at the other end of the street.

      Like Steve Johnson, Junkoe is a hero of mine (he created an exquisite Japanese garden at our Battle Point home), but I agree that it doesn’t seem right to name the park after one hero among many island heros. “Waypoint Park” is a creative idea that connects with the islands nautical history. If that name were chosen, maybe the theme could be reinforced by having a couple of no-longer-used historic channel buoys arrayed like sculptures in the park.

      I’d also love to see a sculpture relating to the peace movement in the park, to commemorate the history of Women in Black gathering at that intersection for so many years.

  4. Marc Zocher says:

    In honoring the nautical world surrounding our great island, I would like to name it Waypoint Park. Since a Waypoint is a reference point in physical space used for purposes of navigation, visitors coming off the ferry could “find their way” and the fact that Winslow Way intersects is appropriate……

    • kimberlygawlik says:


    • Barbara S says:

      I think this is the most timeless, “organic” name to be suggested so far. It fits the actual use of the park, while a nautical allusion reinforces our elemental island character, history and sense of place. I love Waypoint Park!

  5. Barbara Kowalski says:

    Barbara Kowalski says:
    April 22, 2012 at 7:56 pm (Edit)
    I’m greatly impressed with the plans for the park and equally enthused with the meeting on the 12th which was very well presented and organized.
    I do have a couple of suggestions that I’d like you to put forward. The first is a name for the the development of that entry point to Bainbridge: simply Peace Park. It is simple and profound and welcoming. The second suggestion, an elegant and natural-looking contemporary sculpture to be placed in the gathering circle at the further end of the walkway. If the name were to be Peace Park, there is a local sculptor that I know who does works in stone that embodies the concept of “coming together” and would be perfect for a Peace Park. If another name is selected, the sculpture would still be beautiful for the site. Please tell John Paul Jones, if he is not already acquainted with this man, to look up his website, particularly his Genisis Series to see what I refer to. The sculptor is Brian Berman and his website is: http://www.bermansculpture.com. I have followed his work for more than a decade and admire it greatly. I’d be proud and happy to see it represented on our island.
    By education and experience, I feel qualified to suggest art work that would be appropriate and complement the use of natural materials that John Paul Jones has suggested. I think we would be missing a great opportunity not to have a piece of artwork in the park.
    Your comments on these suggestions would be very welcome.
    Thank you for your attention and help on this important project.

    Barbara Kowalski MFA

  6. Ruth Flanagan says:

    How about Gateway Green…that would compliment Winslow Green at the other end of Winslow Way.

  7. Chris Robinson says:

    I second Patricia’s suggestion of honoring Junkoh.

  8. Patricia says:

    Since this park will welcome everyone to Bainbridge I think it should be named in honor of Junkoh Harui (Bainbridge Gardens). Junkoh lived his entire life on Bainbridge and gave so much to our community. He was the most welcoming, sincere & humble person I have ever met and I believe he would serve us well in this role.

    • Claire says:

      Wow….Patricia, I just read the Review article, and immediately thought, “How about Junkoh Junction?”, and then logged onto this site! We must be on the same wavelength….and my thoughts are the same on him as a community member – in the past, and with his continuing legacy through his family and business.

    • Robert Freitag says:

      I really like the idea of honoring Junkoh. The name could be combined with another suggestion and called “Junkoh’s Corner”. Of course this means that the landscaping would need to live up to the name!

  9. kimberlygawlik says:

    I’d like to share some other suggestions I have heard over the last few days:

    Winslow Landing
    Ferry Landing
    Ferry Walk

  10. kimberlygawlik says:

    I think you may be referring to WYATT Corner. Winslow Corner is still available!!

  11. Love Parks says:

    The Landing

  12. Anonymous says:

    Winslow Corner

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