April 12 Public Input Session

The second Public Input Session for the proposed Park design was held at the BHS library on April 12.  Architect, Johnpaul Jones, presented two proposed park designs and those in attendance broke up into small groups to discuss the proposals and contribute comments and suggestions.  Johnpaul will take that input back to his office and, as much as is possible,  incorporate the changes into a proposed final design.

The Task Force will present the proposed final design to the Bainbridge Island City Council, the Board of Directors of Kitsap Transit and The Bainbridge Island Metro Parks Board for final approval in early May.

In the mean time, volunteers are working on the interlocal agreement between the owners and the Park District as well preparing the applications for the permits that will be needed for actual park construction.  Fundraising will soon begin in earnest.

Want to help?  Let us know how – we’d love to have you.


2 thoughts on “April 12 Public Input Session

  1. I’m greatly impressed with the plans for the park and equally enthused with the meeting on the 12th which was very well presented and organized.
    I do have a couple of suggestions that I’d like you to put forward. The first is a name for the the development of that entry point to Bainbridge: simply Peace Park. It is simple and profound and welcoming. The second suggestion, an elegant and natural-looking contemporary sculpture to be placed in the gathering circle at the further end of the walkway. If the name were to be Peace Park, there is a local sculptor that I know who does works in stone that embodies the concept of “coming together” and would be perfect for a Peace Park. If another name is selected, the sculpture would still be beautiful for the site. Please tell John Paul Jones, if he is not already acquainted with this man, to look up his website, particularly his Genisis Series to see what I refer to. The sculptor is Brian Berman and his website is: http://www.bermansculpture.com. I have followed his work for more than a decade and admire it greatly. I’d be proud and happy to see it represented on our island.
    By education and experience, I feel qualified to suggest art work that would be appropriate and complement the use of natural materials that John Paul Jones has suggested. I think we would be missing a great opportunity not to have a piece of artwork in the park.
    Your comments on these suggestions would be very welcome.
    Thank you for your attention and help on this important project.

    Barbara Kowalski MFA

  2. Su Beecham says:

    Please add me to the list of volunteers for plant selection, planting etc.

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