April 12 Public Input Session Video and Slideshow

Citizens’ Park Meeting

On April 12, a room full gathered to take in, discuss, and provide design feedback on the two garden park concepts presented by Johnpaul Jones. Click here to see slideshow. Click here to hear Johnpaul Jone’s introduction and here to view Part I and here for Part II of the citizen discussions.

Video and slideshow thanks to Debbi Lester


5 thoughts on “April 12 Public Input Session Video and Slideshow

  1. Rex Oliver says:

    I like the Bainbridge Landing. With thoughts of history and a place to start on your journey on the Island, the Landing is a good place to start.

  2. Robert Freitag says:

    I like the single trail plan as well with lookouts over the ravine. A map of downtown Winslow on the perimeter would be helpful for visitors…including basic information (restroom locations, etc.), It would be nice if the entire length of the wall could be used for seating. This park is going to be a meeting place with people waiting for friends and family…covered areas, possibly over the bench seating, would be very welcome. The covered areas could incorporate trellis’ with vines to make them less obtrusive and more attractive…wisteria, clematis or climbing hydrangea would all work well. I appreciate Bobbie’s comments but I think it will end up being named one way or another because people will need to be able to say, “meet me at…”. I appreciate the opportunity to make comments because I’m not able to attend the public input sessions. Many thanks to everyone for their thoughtful work and great ideas.

  3. Bobbie Morgan says:

    I would like to make the case for NOT naming this space. It is not a park. It is a green, welcoming space with some information, beautiful native plants, pathways, possibly some art. But I don’t believe it needs a name. It is not a large place. We are not talking about renovating the whole area below, (at least not now-I hope we do at some point) down to the water, so it is basically a welcoming path.

    Names like “gateway” and “green” and “commons” have already been used elsewhere on the island. “Bainbridge Landing” comes to mind, but I still think no name is best. Seems superfluous.

    • Andy Klavins says:

      Not sure I agree with the idea that a name for the park is superfluous. Seems people will need to refer to it, and that means a name, as in “when you get off the ferry, we’ll meet you at ___” Names like Waypoint or Baingride Landing may make sense, but I prefer something closer to everyday experience. How about The Corner?

    • Bobbie Morgan says:

      I had thought of that word, too. “The Corner” is good. It might need a tad more… like Winslow Corner? One concern I have about a name is that it would need a sign and I don’t want to see too much signage. Just a focus on natural beauty with a minimum of signage.

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